Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let's Twist Again.

Casey and I had a little twist thrown into our day…  We learned that we are the first permanent class in Sarahule, thus there isn’t a Sarahule training site yet.  This means that he and I are going to be staying with a Mandinka family and traveling to another village during the day to practice our Sarahule with a different family.  This also means that we’ve been given the challenge of learning two languages!  We won’t have to learn Mandinka completely, but enough to communicate with our training host family.  

Other exciting news is that we received our mode of transportation… bikes!!!  We will be biking back and forth from our training village to Yuna in order to have training sessions with the rest of the volunteers.
It all starts tomorrow… and the only thing I can think is, “Here we go now, here we go now…”  (A little Naughty by Nature for those of you that are wondering. J)

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  1. Biking is the perfect way to commute between villages.